PolyCool 1000, a revolutionary cooling die introduced by Bühler is going to be listed as one of the efficient and exemplary means for Food business operators to produce plant based alternatives of meats and fishes.

It is alarming that the way we employ technology today, in producing food items, is not much sustainable and won’t be working for long in the regimen. And a Harbinger for the change , that too at intricate level, is much needed, PolyCool 1000 comes as the same.
There is a zooming demand of the plant based alternatives, with shift towards healthy eating habits of large population these days.
Braving the clout of ill-practices going on in producing plant based alternatives, PolyCool 1000 will be a game changer.

Christoph Vogel, head of market segment proteins and ingredients, said,“Bühler has for many years supported food producers in developing innovative products that offer an attractive alternative to animal meat – products that are similar in terms of fiber structure, colour, texture, and taste.” As the market’s leading extrusion solution provider for food products, the company is well-positioned to support this growing market.

Cooling dies work with extrusion technology to enable the creation of attractive meat or fish substitutes with structures and textures that closely resemble animal-based meat products such as chicken, fish, or beef. With the cooling die in combination with an extruder, it is possible to produce wet-textured proteins based on a wide range of raw materials including soy, pulses, oilseeds, upcycled side streams like brewer spent grains, as well as newer ingredients such as microalgae, at throughputs of up to 1,000 kilograms per hour.

It enables production of products of different shapes and structures while meeting the standards required by industrial-scale production. The individual cooling circuits can each be controlled independently to determine the product’s final texture. The high-capacity cooling die can withstand pressures of up to 50 bar as it cools down the melt from some 150 degrees Celsius to below boiling point. With its electropolished surface, the extruder and the dies are easy to clean and meet all hygienic design standards to maximize food safety. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble.

“With the PolyCool 1000, customers can achieve high-capacity production, bringing down costs and making meat substitutes more affordable. As the market shifts to a more plant-based diet, fuelled by consumers’ growing interest in health, sustainability and ethical concerns, the PolyCool 1000 supports food producers in grasping this opportunity,” said Vogel.

Company claims to possess an extensive knowledge about the production and employing those many FBOs can develop world class products.


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