Pandemic has inflicted deleterious effects in some sectors while some has been boosting their production and worth. Many sectors are taking bow before the pandemic but one sector which has proved itself stern and intact even in the unprecedented situation is Food Processing and Supply sector. All because of its nomination as the most essential services for the citizens and government of all the nations have been backing this sector for the betterment.

Talking about Food Processing sector, Plumrose, USA, a leading packaged meat subsidiary of JBS, USA has started searching for a new property to establish new Meat processing plant worth $200 Million. Company has announced the expansion in August itself, but by now it has listed some of the suitable sites in USA itself.

Plant will be up soon on the horizon, prime focus of this plant is processing and production of protein enriched, well-packaged meat and Charcuterie to meet the increasing demands efficiently.

“The estimated $200M greenfield project will be strategically located to efficiently access raw material and leverage synergies with existing corporate assets,” the company said. Plumrose, a 2017 acquisition by JBS, makes Italian meats, such as salami and prosciutto.

Soon, location will be put among the market agencies. Currently company operates from six production facilities in Booneville, Miss.; Elkhart, Ind.; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Ottumwa, Iowa; and Swanton, Vt.



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