Coimbatore based SourceTrace, in association with AgNext, has created a platform for food safety and fair trade for agriculture and food business. Considering the global concern over food safety amid the COVID-19 lockdown and the pandemic, AgNext and SourceTrace combined their solutions and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and created the platform, TraceNext. The new platform can provide a complete value chain traceability with an assurance of quality from the farm to the consumer. TraceNext provides seamless solution to agriculture and food businesses ensuring complete control over quality and guarantee safe food to their consumers. In the coming years, traceability is going to be the most critical technology to ensure food safety,” CEO of SourceTrade Venkat Maroju said in a press release on Sunday. The new platform is the only solution that can provide food businesses, regulatory bodies and consumers the information they need to ensure food safety. It would also change how food businesses and consumers interact and what information is exchanged. “We are looking at a complete transformation of the food eco system,” Maroju said. The platform fills the gap which is needed for providing a one-stop seamless solution for food origin and quality for effective trade, procurement, production and consumption of food. “The potential to transform value chains is limitless, AgNext CEO Taranjeet Bhamra said. As food moves through global food value chains, assessments and traceability of the food remain subjective or non-existent leading to losses in procurement, trade, storage, production and consumption. Digitisation of such value chains towards making food safe, trackable and of desired consumer quality needs to be accelerated and implemented at a faster pace than ever, the release said. SourceTrace, working across 28 countries, is a leading name in traceability and has already implemented solutions across diverse sectors such as fruits and vegetables, organic cotton, vanilla, aquaculture, flavors and fragrances, spices, honey and more. AgNext solves the problem of quality by bringing the best of the technology world for agri businesses.


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