1441 Pizzeria, a connoisseur of authenticity in delivering cheezy and mouth drooling pizzas has recently installed a new outlet in Powai offering the signature Italian taste with exemplary hospitality.

New outlet, taking its shape is brainchild of founder, aiming expansion in various dimensions and topographies offering Signature Taste. 1441 Pizzeria, at this location is available for ordering through website as well as delivery apps.

From retailing their exclusive infused olive oil to brand merchandising and delivery-only kitchens, they have been the pioneer in creating strong strategies to keep up with the ever-changing food industry.

Sharing his vision, Krishna Gupta, managing director, 1441 Pizzeria, said, “We love to establish a strong connection with our customers, 1441 Pizzeria’s dine-in restaurants have always been a must-experience. With the changing times, we have grown and pivoted to newer formats and are currently expanding massively in independent delivery-only kitchens. These help us deliver our best while also following all safety measures. With over 15 outlets in 4 major cities and growing, we are aiming to elevate our brand and are absolutely thrilled to launch our new outlet in Powai and are looking forward to many more in the nearby cities”.

The founders, Krishna Gupta and Vandini Gupta, after launching many outlets in a row are aiming larger share in market and better consumer base to establish the brand.

1441 Pizzeria—1441 stands for 14° East and 41° North, the coordinates of Naples—was launched in 2014 (the first outlet opened in 2016). It houses wood-ovens designed by an Italian designer, and some of the ingredients are imported from Italy.


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