Pintola has introduced High Protein Peanut Butter. It is combined with whey protein imported from New Zealand and is India’s first USFDA certified High Protein Peanut Butter. It will be available on Amazon &S Flipkart, across India in all the cities and will soon be entering the shelves of local stores.

The driving force in this growth is that consumers today are consciously aware of their nutritional intake and peanut butter is for sure a rich source of protein. An irrefutable fact is that in today’s world, everybody’s life is tightly packed with multiple routine activities, especially the athletes, gym goers etc and protein intake becomes crucial for sustained energy. A 2017 survey shows that 73% of Indians are deficient in protein while over 90% are unaware of the daily requirement of protein. Even consuming 3 table spoons of peanut butter can provide you 35% of the recommended daily protein intake.

It is curated particularly for those people who are concerned about their health and perform physically strenuous activities.

It will be available in two flavours- Dark Chocolate and Organic Jaggery, both of which can be availed in creamy as well as crunchy variants. Creamy variant will be 100% creamy, whereas crunchy variant will have little pieces of roasted peanuts giving the product a quirky twist. It will can be purchased in jars of either 510 gms or 1000 gms. Price for the Organic Jaggery variant will be Rs 325 and Rs 625 whereas Dark Chocolate will be costing Rs 349 and Rs 649 for the 500gms and 1000 gms pack respectively. Both the variants are perfectly blended to offer unparalleled taste while using the best quality ingredients.

Anand Patel, senior marketing manager, Das Foodtech Private Limited stated- “Leveraging on our contemporary, hygienic and well-equipped infrastructure, we prepare about 36 tons of nutritious, delicious and unadulterated peanut butter every day. We are really thrilled to diversify into the broader nut based spread category with our High Protein Peanut Butter. Pintola has always been a constant companion for people who are careful towards their health, mainly the gym goers or athletes, weight watchers, etc. It is made to satiate the sweet tooth while remaining nutri-dense and completely junk-free. It can also be employed to prepare smoothies, oat meal, sandwiches etc, and is an ideal metaphoric resemblance of a healthy lifestyle.”


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