Aminia opened its first branch in Kolkata in 1929, delivering Lucknow’s famous Awadhi food. The family grew and the second generation decided to grow the family business in response to the city’s growing demand for Awadhi/Mughlai cuisine.

Bengal has long been known for its extraordinarily fertile agricultural land and paddy production. At the same time, the Bengal Rivers appear to be an infinite source of many fish species. This is the primary reason for rice and fish to be the Bengalis’ primary foods since ancient times. Other than fish and rice, Bengal possesses a long tradition of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, the majority of which are served with rice, such as dal (lentil soup), posto (poppy-seed vegetables), fish curry and mutton curry and also Bengali’s love for rotis, Mughlai naans and tandoors has always been an important member of the breakfast table.

Nihari is a flavourful, slow-cooked stew made from shank meat and marrow bones. Nalli Nihari can be made with lamb, mutton or even chicken. The meat of the shank is normally circular thigh meat. The muscles of the upper thigh of animals are tough, dry and full of marrow, due to their bone composition. Gelatin comes from this specific sort of bone. Gelatin is a deteriorated type of collagen that releases collagen into the stew after hours of boiling.

Aminia is a popular restaurant that has been serving the famous Awadhi cuisine based out of Lucknow in its initial days. This winter season Aminia has introduced delicious treats sch as Nalli Nihari with Taftan (Awadhi Rooti), Gajar Ka Halwa (Dessert).

Kabir Azhar, Director of Aminia Restaurants, stated – “This winter season, we have come up with the Nalli Nihari Darbar, a special menu for our customers, which will bring the authentic taste of Awadhi Cuisine. Our range of desserts like Gajar Ka Halwa and others is the best way to end your meal.”


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