Paul and Mike, a gourmet chocolate brand is now officially the first from India to win Silver at “International Chocolate Awards, 2020-21”.

Paul and Mike, An archetypal brand bringing ‘Bean to Bar’ concept to its feasibility and offering range of dark, milk and other chocolates is on the new swing of international recognition.

It is the first Indian company to win silver in the International Chocolate Awards (2020-2021 world final) for its ‘64 Percent Dark Sichuan Pepper and Orange Peel Vegan Chocolate’.

Vikas Temani, business head and founder of Paul and Mike said that they have been experimenting with flavours and this particular variant was targeted at the Chinese market. As Sichuan pepper is widely used in Chinese and South-East Asian cuisine, we thought this variant would be ideal for their palette. The chocolate is vegan. “Candied orange peel is used to add texture.

Paul and Mike, introduced this novel of a chocolate in 2019 after its executives visited International Chocolate fair at Sanghai in December, 2019. The Chocolate went quite handy and ran through the customers disrupting competition in the segment. Later on, it did well in Indian Market too.

Chocolate brought a unique concept of heat and sweetness simultaneously, producing a tingling sensation on tongue, giving a peculiar bump to one’s mood.

Single bar costs Rs. 250, which makes it affordable and handy for customers, and this makes it more selectable over other brands.

This is not the first time brand has gone global, this counts second time when it has been sent to such international platform. Previously brand has won Bronze at finals of Asia Pacific.

Paul and Mike also have a wide variety of flavours for the Indian consumer such as Indian Style Thandai, Peppermint Gelato, Sitaphal (custard apple), Jamun (java plum), and Alphonso Mango, and so on.

The three-year-old company has 36 varieties of chocolates in the market and is planning to widen the consumer base of the brand with 100 varieties this year.


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