As the sales of beer and other beverages have escalated in the U.S. during the ongoing pandemic, the U.S.-based manufacturers are depending on imported stocks to keep pace with the growing demand for the cans.

The sales of aluminium beverage cans in March and the sales of canned food in first half of the year, both jumped up by about 24% each.

Coca-Cola, Molson Coors and other prominent can users told the Wall Street Journal that they are facing difficulties to maintain adequate stock of cans.

Closed restaurants and bars because of the lockdown has led to a shift in the demand for beverage packaging from kegs to cans since consumers are now preferring to drink at home. The surfacing up of Hard Seltzer has also contributed in shooting up of the demands.

Two largest aluminium can fabricators of America, Crown Holdings and Ball Corp. informed the journal that they have been buying in cans from Europe, Brazil and other locations. Ball is planning to set up two new online production lines. U.S. manufacturers should necessarily be producing 12 billion more cans by the ending of 2021, says the Can Manufacturers Institute.


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