Popular natural health supplements provider Paithan Eco Foods has introduced AnjaNeya Graviola / Soursop Fruit Juice, which it claims is intended to help patients who are affected by cancer. Containing the finest blend of Graviola, which is also called as Hanuman Phal/Laxman Phal, this juice is known to possess annonaceous acetogenins, which is nothing but a phytochemical compound that presumably helps to beat medical conditions such as depression or weakness.

This fruit juice that is filled with an inherent goodness of Graviola Fruit helps cure any appetite loss, acts as an energy booster, apart from providing few more benefits such as helping keep the blood sugar levels under control, providing protection to immune system in individuals, etc. Additionally, this fruit juice contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help fight against several pathogens present in the body of individuals.

Graviola is even referred to as a wonder herb throughout the world. According to studies, it is shown that the fruit possesses the ability to slow down the growth of several types of cancer cells while at the same time not causing any damage to the healthy cells. Clinical studies have demonstrated that this fruit also contains numerous chemotherapeutic properties by which the body can heal naturally.  By consuming Graviola juice regularly, individuals can benefit greatly, as they can protect against any lifestyle ailments, apart from reducing the chances of individuals being affected by several types of cancers and help them maintain good health.

Paithan Eco Foods who has associated itself with several hospitals to provide Anjaneya to those needy patients, has also been conducting counseling sessions for them. Through its various outreach programmes, Paithan Eco Foods has worked to support cancer patients throughout India through organizations such as Thai Cancer Support Trust Chennai, Tata Memorial Hospital, Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief Trust, The Bohri Charitable Trust, Christian Missionaries, Golden Temple Amritsar and Nashik Merchant Co-operative Bank Cancer Hospital (NAMCO).


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