Packaging and logistics are the real player in this world. Pre and Post Covid-19 it doesn’t matter what the situation was, with the advent of e-commerce website it just came into focus for wrapping, packing and placing a safe delivery to the customers wherever they were. Delivery partners came into a satiating place where they put the keystones in the whole e-commerce business model. Though their contribution was not valued much previously, nonetheless they emerged to be the safety bubble for each and every product we recieved this pandemic.

Government has taken cognizance into their roles and now applauded them. Union Government has brought a nationwide packaging initiative under Ministry of Commerce being the integrating part of the upcoming packaging policy of GoI.

Being at the helm of matter, Ministry of Commerce held a consultation drive discussing about the roles and formulation of National packaging policy, where the nationwide packaging initiative was started as a warm-up session before the real on-pitch activities.

Packaging initiative

According to Pawan Agarwal, special secretary (Logistics), packaging deserves greater attention from improving the overall logistical efficiency perspective.

“Valuable inputs on packaging came from participants and more such key players would be involved in the formulation of the National Packaging Initiative,” it said in a statement.

It added that e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart were urged to invest in sustainable packaging as they are one of the biggest users of packaging material.

All the chemical verticals are also tabled for the discussion.

The Packaging Industry in India is segmented by End-user Industry (Food, Beverage, Healthcare, Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Household Care, Industrial) and Material Type (Paper, Plastic, Glass, Metal).


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