OZiva is hosting the FitFest-2021, the biggest annual fitness sale. Saying goodbye to 2020 on a healthy and refreshing note, the firm has planned to incite the much waited for fitness sale between 29th December, 2020 and 21st February, 2021. The sale will move on in three stages for 2 months and will present various attractive offers, discounts and freebies such as shaker and duffel bags. It is a mega sale event that will grant customers an opportunity of up to 30% discounts on memberships of routines.

Aarti Gill, co-founder of OZiva stated- “This December, we are delighted to introduce ‘FitFest 2021’ for all those patrons of ours who desire to become healthier and better in every manner. 2020 has been a stressful year for all of us. We anticipate motivating more and more people to look forward to 2021 and kick-start it on a stronger, more nutritious and fitter way with OZiva. We, at OZiva, are continuously striving to inspire our customers towards a nation-wide health revolution and the sale is just an extension of our attempts.”

The 1st phase of the sale will permit the customers to avail a free shaker if they shop above Rs 1500 and the 2nd phase of the sale will allow customers a resistance band and the 3rd phase of the sale will grant customers a chance to claim a free duffel bag on certain purchase value.

OZiva was instituted in 2016 as a leading supplier of Body Grow Protein Powder in our country. The supplier company is centered in Mumbai, Maharashtra
OZiva has got a place in Trade India’s list of validated sellers who deliver premium quality of Protein and Herbs for Men and a number of other products.
The brand is dedicated to assist each and every person who desires to be an improved version of themselves since the brand firmly believes that there is more to everyone.  As you step forward in your journey of #aBetterYou, the company seeks to make sure that all its patrons accomplish the best fitness, both physically as well as mentally, with High Quality Clean Nutrition – the one that our body actually deserves.
Co-founder of the brand, Aarti Gill, an IIT-R alumnus- ditched her corporate job to pursue her fascination in preventive healthcare and establish OZiva, an active nutrition firm supplying a wide array of products that includes botanical extracts, plant and whole food based nutrition.
Hailing from Chandigarh, Aarti Gill got motivation to turn an entrepreneur from her mother who served as an officer with the Punjab Government’s healthcare department. This made her aware regarding various developments and creativities in the preventive healthcare segment and evoked her to choose this innovative and unparalleled startup.


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