Out Of Pao is a cloud kitchen that delivers delectable dishes filled with international and exotic stuffings into the locally treasured pav for the instant snack aficionados and particularly the pav lovers.

The Out Of Pao menu presents a variety of choices that will attract you with magnificent and contemporary variations. From Mexican beans to paneer to chicken to mushroom, the menu also includes a wide array of taste buds. One can anticipate getting Amigo, Pesto Pao, Lucy in the Sky, and Mi-so Sexy, and numerous mole delicacies here. Luxuriate yourselves in trying these unique treats because these distinctly labeled dishes are no less than a rejuvenating burst of flavours.

These mouth-watering stuffed pavs are idea to satiate a small hungerat Out Of Pao. Even if we come to snacks, there is not any set differentiation. Therefore, the menu being served here is of an ‘all-day’ types, to be consumed whenever you feel like particularly when you strive to eat something new, not-so-heavy, and yet enough to fill the stomach.

Dave Malhotra, partner at Septagon Hospitality stated- “Every cuisine on the menu is like a mini tradition expedition to the origin of flavour that will leave you craving for more. In person, pav is my first love and I am committed to it – be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  All the innovations and modification I desired to bring to life along with researching with global cuisine is exemplified in Out Of Pao. In simple language, Out Of Pao is a modern and revivifying gastronomic experience, professing to be an ideal choice for the when it comes to novel and voguish food.”

Customers can place orders via Swiggy and Zomato which are currently delivering these flavourful treats pan-Mumbai. Keeping the firm stabilized and running, the brand is planning to diversify and soon convert it into a food truck in the coming future.


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