Orika Spices has unveiled a season’s greeting box this festivities. The superior-quality spices and seasonings impart exemplary flavours to day to day meal with aromatic tastes. With festivities round the corner, the brand has introduced its novel signature immunity drinks box.

Turmeric Immunity mix, which is one of the products of greeting box is loaded with goodness and nutrition. It is accurately created to augment health and wellness. A drink that cast the spices which are very efficacious in anti-inflammatory functions in our body having antioxidant properties assists in controlling cholesterol, improves insulin function and aids in purification of blood.

Second signature drink that adds to the beauty of the season greeting box is The Shahikahawis; A Kashmiri staple prepared from the mix of herbs and spices, the amalgamation of herbs and spices lets away everyday sufferings such as cold and cough, and keeps the skin glowing.

Another product of the immunity magic box is the Indian tea spice mix; it is a combination of fragranced herbs and spices that helps in reduction of common aches and pains. The ingredients in the tea spice mix, particularly ginger, clove, cinnamon serve as pain killers and also aid in improving blood circulation and can be consumed all throughout the year.

All the  products can be purchased from the leading  outlets in Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur as well as from all leading e-trading platform (Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket and Milkbasket) at a cost of Rs.849/-





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