OrderEZ, has unveiled more than $500,000 in seed-funding to consolidate its functions in Singapore and diversify its solution to Australia and New Zealand.

The home-grown start-up attributes the round’s swift closing to the urgent need for economical digital solutions in the food and beverage segment that can assist more businesses remain lean yet profit-making amidst current scenarios. The company will also utilize the funding to further evolve its enterprise offering as the industry’s demand for scalable cloud-based solutions continues to increase.

To this day, the food and beverage (F&B) distribution industry continues to depend largely on manual efforts and data entry to organize sales processes and fulfill orders. With firsthand experience of these pain points, industry experts Andrew Creswick and Jeffrey Meese co-founded the firm to not only digitize and automate but to centralize the crucial business operations at pocket-friendly subscription costs. The platform’s main services consist of:
– A customized sales management tool that permits sales reps and leadership to keep a track of sales activities, deal pipelines and return on investments (ROI) in real time.
– Rationalized inventory management, mechanized order tracking and a driver app to store delivery data.
– Real-time and cumulative reporting systems that provide salespersons with data-led insights to enhance customer and brand relationships.
– Strategic unification with XERO and Quickbooks for flawless accounting and invoicing.

Jeffrey Meese, co-founder of OrderEZ stated- “Having spent a total of 20 years in the industry, Andrew and I designed OrderEZ to tackle the chronic pain points we observed firsthand, while keeping it easy enough to be both effortlessly accessible and scalable for businesses of all sizes. With our most latest funding, our instantaneous target is to diversify our footprints in Singapore and evolve into Australia, supporing more suppliers and venues cut down human error, grow their revenue and utilize data to add value to whomever, wherever they are in the supply chain.”

Andrew Creswick, co-founder, OrderEZ, said, “As the adoption of digital-only solutions grows—there is a strong case to be made for exhaustive solutions in the F&B segment, which is still largely established on personal relationships and physically meeting clients. Our mobile-first strategy does exactly that by bolstering sales reps with vital data and knowledge at their fingertips to aid them to both manage their targets and pitch with authority. Our platform is firm enough to be a self-sufficient solution and yet resilient enough to supplement the existing ERP systems – enabling users of all sizes to access the tools that cater particularly their industry.” Since its establishment in 2019, OrderEZ has on-boarded more than 500 F&B suppliers and venues in Singapore only and targets to expand its user base 10x by the end of 2021.

OrderEZ is a unique, centralized F&B business management platform that aids the suppliers and venues to not just handle but also evolve their businesses. Using mechanization, real-time data and strategic integrations to allow revenue generation, rationalize inventory management and track order fulfillment from a single platform, OrderEZ fills the industry gap for an economical end-to-end solution while offering swiftness, value and lucidity to whoever, wherever they are on the supply chain. For more information, one can log on to www.orderez.co/



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