Aiming to provide products with superior taste and best quality ingredients in reasonable price for mass segment of the society during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading (Fast-moving consumer goods) FMCG brand Bonn Group of Industries has introduced a new range of tiffin cakes to its extensive cake portfolio.  The moist and soft tiffin cakes would be available in three flavours, Orange, Chocolate and Classic and will be offered throughout the North Indian states of Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.

The cakes market in India is scattered and is still developing owing to the product variants across packaging formats, sizes, and flavours. The market vendors are curating new items with a focus on organic and gluten-free variants to enhance their market share and gain traction in global marketplace.  During the uncertainty of COVID-19, comfort foods have been winning the hearts of consumers because of their long shelf-life and comparatively lower price.

The cakes are tender and hygienically baked till perfection. They have the property to melt in mouth with the relishing taste of real orange and chocolate to allure your taste buds.

Amrinder Singh, Director of Bonn Group of Industries declared- “In line of understanding the requirements of the customer during the COVID-19 epidemic, when the demand of comfort foods like biscuits, breads and cakes has gone up, we have launched the tiffin cake to meet the growing demands. Customers want hygienic and nutritious option for ready-to-go snacking. These cakes are filling and pleasing and are a welcome modification from the commonly available cakes in the market. The cakes are distinct in shape as well as in taste and in serving size. The shape of the cake makes it an exemplary option for your on-the-go snacking and that too in a reasonable price.”

“Cake is something which is being relished by all the family members regardless of their age-group. It’s one of the best and easy snacking options complementing the tea and any other hot or cold beverages. This move will make Bonn’s strategic expansion smooth while making sure that the brand remains sustainable and catering to people’s need in these rapidly changing times,” he further said.

The cakes are available in 30 gram packs costing Rs 10. Unlike bread and other bakery products, cakes in India are popular in urban set ups and are now getting attention in rural demographies too.


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