has now begun offering its services in Chennai. Customers can now enjoy the range of more than 150 products including fresh raw meat (chicken, mutton, pork), delicatessen, exotic meats, seafood, alongside delicious ready-to-cook offerings such as burger, kebabs, momos, patties, as well as international and Indian ready to cook marinades.

Since its inception in 2017 by Siddhant Wangdi, the company has been empowering thousands of people across the country to ‘Eat Better Meat’. At present, this Gurgaon-based online meat delivery platform is functional in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and now in Chennai.

Its periodic launches of delectable international ready-to-cook range are attractive to the taste buds of all consumers. With the quality of the product always being the top-most priority, the company is constantly adding newer innovations its product portfolio ranging from Japanese to Korean to Swiss flavours. Most of the ready to cook products being delivered by the company takes about just 5-10 minutes of grilling time to get ready for consumption.

The company operates on an end-to-end supply chain model incorporating everything from sourcing 100% antibiotic- and hormone-free meats through reliable farms and supply partners to diligent preparation methods and espousing a scientific approach of cutting, packing, storing, and delivering the meat. In addition, all the products are audited by an in-house team of skilled food technologists for freshness, hygiene, and sourcing parameters. The products are free of antibiotic-residue and hormones.

Siddhant Wangdi, founder of, stated- “From selling a wide range of premium-quality, fresh and raw meats and seafood to ready-to-cook products, Meatigo has progressed a lot over the years while experiencing great traction across all operational geographies. We have received a number of requests to introduce our products in Chennai so we are obliging. The meat aficionados here seem spoilt for choice, and there is an enormous unmet demand for hygienic and fresh, meat, seafood, and meat-based products. Thus, we are glad to launch our services in this city. We would also like to serve our popular momo’s to Chennaites.”

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