Oman Refreshment Company (ORC) has introduced three new formats for PET bottles in an attempt to cope up with the evolving consumer demands. Due to cooperation and resilience, Sidel finished- the line conversion in a reduced lead time. These formats are now functioning with enhanced pace to fulfill consumer needs in Oman.

Instituted in 1974 and presently employing over 900 people, the company is one of the leaders in the market of Omani manufacturing sector. As a franchisee of PepsiCo International, the company’s headquartered in Al Ghubra and it works in various food (Cheetos, Lays, and Quaker Oats, etc.) and beverage (Aquafina Water, Pepsi, and Topfruit and) segments. Overall, it has a yearly beverage production capacity of about 500 million litres. The company is diversifying its manufacturing and distribution potentials to fulfill the rising call for its products and also to cater to various consumer choices.

Despite Oman is acclaimed for its excessive CSD consumption, altering life styles and the implementation of an ‘excise tax’ (50% tax on CSD) have decelerated demand. To keep up the market share and acclimatize to more health-giving consumer habits, ORC joined forces with Sidel to introduce three new PET bottle designs (0.25 L, 1 L and 1.5 L).

After getting the order in June 2019, a 14-week lead time was decided to be in line with the market launch date. Nevertheless, it was initially conjectured that the parts could be impeded due of the August summer break. Flawless planning and execution was thus the key to success.

As a comprehensive solution provider, the brand accomplished its target by using all its skills in production and closely partnering with suppliers. From shipping to execution, about 15 experts from the brand were engaged in the scheme.

To guarantee smooth function, the native line efficacy was assessed by the team prior to site execution. With discussions, some modulations were done and with the assistance by optimal logistics and 3rd party equipment suppliers the progress was hastened up. The company also played a vital part by lending full in-house aids from the maintenance and warehousing teams to make sure that all activities ran as per the plan.

Despite time limitations, the brand exhibited close teamwork, cooperating with both the collaborators as well as the patrons.

Youssef Ezzikhe, CEO, Oman Refreshment Company stated- “Sidel’s hurdle was to conclude the project within a very stringent time constraints. Sidel took fast action in producing the necessary adaptation kits then transporting them in the quickest possible lead time. Installation, testing, and commissioning are the most exigent actions of the project wherein Sidel was capable of shining by sending the most proficient team.”

A resilient strategy to project execution, aided by on-going assistance from the product division to alleviate the equipment lead time were the major contributors to a well-planned and implemented service project. The brand concluded the line conversion project at the end of August 2019, permitting the company to comply with their market devotion.

Also, the rated speed of the filler on each pattern was surged: 0.25 L – 24,000 bottles per hour (bph), 1L – 22,500 bph and 1.5 L – 22,000 bph. The project was terminated in record time and new format packages were unveiled in the market with the highly efficacious production line. “I applaud Sidel’s pliability and enthusiasm,” Ezzikhe further said.

Samuel Gobbe, vice president of services for the Middle East and Africa region, Sidel, stated- “With Sidel’s magnificent past record of service assistance, we are glad that ORC chose Sidel for line conversion service. This typifies that customers have full faith in us and our exceptional service is cue to their trustworthiness.”



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