Oerlemans Packaging Group intends to take over the activities of Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker. The decision to initiate preparations for the takeover was officially ratified by Vincent Tol (managing director Adriaan Dekker) and Joan Hanegraaf (CEO Oerlemans Packaging Group). The intention is to move the activities from Wormer to Rijssen, the Netherlands, at Stempher Packaging Industry.

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As a producer Stempher has already built up over 125 years of expertise in making paper packaging. Adriaan Dekker’s production lines are highly regarded in the packaging market; the BRC-accredited manufacturer has been producing paper packaging for various applications since 1850. The target date for the transfer of operations is May 1, 2023. Production at Adriaan Dekker is planned to cease as of March 31, 2023. In the meantime, Adriaan Dekker will remain active under its own name.

Upon execution of the final transfer between Oerlemans Packaging Group and Adriaan Dekker, the company Adriaan Dekker will cease to exist. On the location of Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker in Wormer, a transformation can then take place to another destination of the site, possibly housing construction.

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Moving the packaging program to Rijssen would further expand the product portfolio of flexible packaging for the Oerlemans Packaging Group. Adriaan Dekker makes industrial and retail packaging for food and non-food products. The company is active with various paper packaging in sectors such as the food industry, retail, aviation, construction and automotive.

The Oerlemans Packaging Group has a strong position in the Dutch packaging industry with ten production locations in the Netherlands. “We are looking forward to the acquisition of the packaging program. This will allow us to serve our customers even better with a wider range of packaging solutions,” Hanegraaf explains; “We see many opportunities. With Stempher’s paper branch alone, the packaging program would bring reinforcement, both in terms of applications and in customized solutions for our clients. Obviously, this is an opportunity to apply our sustainable vision on packaging also to the new portfolio of paper packaging, which we hope to offer soon.”

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Owners Vincent and Vanessa Tol look proudly at an eventful history of nearly 175 years of delivered craftsmanship: “After the acquisition of Adriaan Dekker in 2004, a lot has changed in the company. Seizing opportunities in market developments in which the position of paper has taken an increasingly important role has brought the Adriaan Dekker company to where we are today.

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Various investments have been made in the machinery, such as an 8-color ultra-modern printing machine from Uteco and a further professionalization and automation has taken place at all levels. We are therefore proud of the activities we have built up and have confidence in the future of Adriaan Dekker when our activities will be continued by Oerlemans Packaging Group after completion of the transaction.” After the usual transaction conditions are met, the proposed transaction will be finalized.


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