In a national webinar, State Industries Department told- “Odisha offers a unique chance of investment to investors who are interested to finance in food processing as it is granted with varied agro-climatic zones, contains about 11 per cent of India’s water resource and provides ready-to-move infrastructure setup.”

Taking part in the e-seminar hosted by Invest India on Food Processing Opportunities in Indian States, the national investment promotion and facilitation agency, the Industries Department, Government of Odisha, displayed the advantages of choosing Odisha over other Indian states.

“With an award-winning investment-friendly portal Go Swift for Investment Facilitation and state-of-the-art Industrial infrastructure Odisha is taking rapid strides in development of food processing sector which is identified as a focus sector in Odisha,” declared Hemant Sharma, Principal Secretary, Department of Industries, Government of Odisha.

Many food processing firms, including the multinational Indo-Nissin are accommodated at The Khurda Food Park manufacturing various processed foods such as soft drinks, biscuits, noodle, etc.

Gigantic Japanese company Indo Nissin in association with its brands like Top Ramen, has been functional at the Khurda Food Park for last 30 years, and informed that it is planning to set up its second unit in the same locale, which will be their largest Indian unit.

Gautama Sharma, MD of Indo Nissin Food proclaimed- “The decision of investing in Odisha was the best investment decision we have taken in our 30 year history. We have one of the best manufacturing efficiencies at Odisha which is a benchmark for us. With the expansion of our facilities at Khurda, we will have our largest facility in the country at Odisha.”

The noodle manufacturer has invested $20 million in its manufacturing units in Odisha till now and will continue doing so.
Food processing provides direct and indirect job-opportunities to both men and women. Rural and especially tribal women of the states will be benefitted by collecting local fruits and other ingredients to be utilized as the raw material for the industries.
“I would request the investors to choose Odisha for food processing investment which has the potential to change lives and empower the rural and tribal women.” captain Dibya Shankar Mishra, Minister for Energy, MSME, Industries and Department of Home advised.


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