O’ Greens, a budding tech and food startup, has been striving to introduce one of its kind protein bar of India and now they have formulated the road map to achieve the feat.

This Christmas, Company is going to launch its bar into public domain which would be first of its kind in the nation. O’ Greens claims to produce most fortified and soully sound protein products for its consumers.

Company encourages the health of Mother Nature first and takes utmost care while producing all of its products. From production, packaging till translocation and delivery company maintains eco-friendly ambience in every bit. Company promotes offering clean, gluten-free, non-processed, completely natural and guilt-free food to your plates.

Harshvardhan Agarwal, founder and CEO, O’Greens, said,”One summer, on a trek to Grahan Valley in the Himalayan mountains, I began to crave something healthy, vegan, without sugar, but still delicious. Like anyone, I rummaged through the internet, searching for a product that would tick all those boxes and came up empty handed. And that’s the day I decided to take matters into my own hands and the O’Greens seed was planted. 18 months of research and development later, we had a set of artisanal health bars that were 100% vegan, naturally sweetened, gluten-free and most importantly, absolutely delicious.”

“We’re launching India’s first of its kind protein bar this Christmas for people to enjoy the holidays without any guilt. We are very excited. We’re introducing a different palate of flavours from what we currently have. It is going to be India’s healthiest and cleanest source of protein,” he added.

Vision of O’ Greens reads “At O’Greens, we’re aiming to impact millions of lives, inspire people to make the right food choices, and create a shift for the entire planet to turn vegan.”

Company also follows many ideals of Mother Nature and promotes healthy feeding habits.




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