Nutritional Growth Solutions has unveiled an exemplary product for the children of age 10+ years and older. Grow Daily Boys 10+ is a product of excellence that is homegrown, curated heartedly by infusing all the essentials, is a pure power pack for the children of the targeted age groups.

Adolescent body always seeks a proper nutritional regimen to be followed in a strict dosage. In a world, where everything is bent on outpacing the time, adolescents are bearing the brunt for matching the pace, by forfeiting the care of their health. So, their is a huge dearth of a concoction-cum-potion for them, that could support their fast growing body in the walk.

Grow Daily Boys 10+ is now available in three flavors- Plain, Vanilla and Chocolate where plain being the most dynamic one that can be paired with dry fruits and other smoothies.

Each serving contains 18g high-quality whey protein, healthful lipids, and complex carbohydrates, plus micronutrients scientifically proven to be related to growth. These include zinc, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, D, and C.

Dr Michal Yackobovitch-Gavan, director of Clinical Studies at NGS, said, “While nutritional needs are similar for young boys and girls ages 3-9, during puberty they have different nutritional needs. For this reason, we dedicated this line for boys for the 10 years and up age group and will design another product line for girls at the same age. There are more than 20 million children in the U.S. between ages 10-14, but while this group of rapidly growing adolescents has unique nutritional needs, there are very few products addressing these needs, let alone products that have been clinically tested.”

Liron Fendell, CEO and managing director of NGS, said, “We typically see a higher demand for our existing products for boys and have a greater number of inquiries from parents requesting a supplement solution for their pre-teen boys. This is what prompted the development of our latest product. In addition to the physical needs, this is also the age where active boys begin to become more conscious of their body image.” NGS also is conducting a clinical study on a formula unique to girls.

“It is hard enough to manage kids’ diets at home, but with school beginning, many parents worry that their children will not get a proper meal at school or will skip lunch. With Grow Daily Boys 10+, they can just add 6oz of water or low-fat milk to two scoops of the formula to a portable shaker bottle, and put it in their son’s backpack or have it waiting for them when they come home,” added Fendell.


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