Nutrify India is one of the apex nutrition consultancy services, has moved to join hands with national research development corporation (NRDC) to provide consumers with improvised version of edibles. Main objectives behind the move is to help ameliorate, nurture, bolster and commercialise new technologies in Food processing seeking from R&D through further modifications.

This association has already “spur with colours” as a milestone achieved in case of Esperer Onco Nutrition and now there are nutra startups in India leading to further processing and commercialisation.

Company is also looking to oversee its market in India still and it will have a seat of representation in NRDC headquarters according to the agreement.

Earmarking on the partnership, Amit Srivastava, chief catalyst, Nutrify India, said that post -Covid- 19, the nutraceuticals space has witnessed unprecedented growth as precocious and prophylactic stuffs are on high demand.

“We are focussed on helping expanding business horizons for companies in the nutraceuticals space by helping them with business collaborations and creating synergies. With this collaboration, we plan to create an innovative ecosystem for all startups,” he added.

“India is a fast-growing nutraceutical hub and if it has to evolve into a global epicentre of nutraceuticals then it has to be concerted effort by industry bodies like Nutrify India and government bodies like NRDC. We are privileged to join hands with Nutrify India along with many universities and institutions. With this collaboration, the objective is to protect the indigenous process and product so that it could be made with marketable export potential. Today, intellectual property is very important for all the sectors of the technology without that we are not going to mitigate the challenge what we have been facing”, said Dr B K Sahu, regional head, NRDC.


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