Trivector Biomed LLP has launched ‘Novaerus’ Nano Strike Technology powered air disinfectant product line that ensures corona-free air. Whether at home or at a hospital, offices, educational institution, or hotel, these products maintain the atmosphere safe enough to breathe.

The continuous battle against the novel coronavirus have become people extra-conscious regarding cleanliness, sterilization, hygiene, sanitization and maintenance of a germ-free environment.

Additionally, the concordance among scientists that the virus is also transferred via aerosols and droplets that are released into the air by a carrier, when the carrier coughs, sneezes, or even speaks forcefully in a closed environment has led to a surge in the demand of having a proper air disinfectant system.

This technology is the new hallmarked name for the existing Novaerus Plasma Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) technology and is the core, patented innovation that drives all three Novaerus portable air disinfection devices. This plasma-based nanotechnology crushes and executes all airborne microorganisms on contact thus offering the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria.

This technology makes use plasma coils to provide a deadly attack to all hazardous airborne pathogens – such as viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria (including Tuberculosis) and fungi – as soon as they cross the plasma field, destroying them at the DNA organization level.

This technology, developed by a team of scientists and engineers, utilizes an atmospheric plasma discharge resembling the one found in lightning strikes, to disrupt the genetic machinery of pathogenic airborne microorganisms and kill them. The most intriguing feature of this nano-strike technology is its ability to lyse and burst a pathogen cell; while the other technologies just deactivate them.

All of the deactivation processes as part of NanoStrike technology take place simultaneously inside the machine within milliseconds and what comes outside is the purified and contamination-free air which is safe to be inhaled by the persons inhabiting in the room.

This has been separately tested and confirmed to be potent at killing and deactivating the minutest of the airborne microbes such as viruses, bacteria, mould spores and VOCs in dozens of independent laboratory tests.

The company released Novaerus in India in the year 2016 and has installed many air-disinfection units since then. With the global spread of novel coronavirus, the company has been persistently working towards come up with efficacious solutions through its technological advancement to safeguard the front-line healthcare workers at important Covid-19 hospitals in several parts of nation.

The three models are assisting a number of institutions and individuals to live a cleaner and healthier life. Based on the size of an area, one can choose from the models i.e. Protect – 200, Protect – 800 and Defend – 1050 that covers an area of 80 – 100 sq. ft, 300 – 400 sq. ft, upto1,000 sq. ft. respectively within a 8-10 ft high space. These units can also be rented for some specific time duration.


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