Nitta Gelatin India has introduced a fine quality gelatin of international standard in Hotel/Restaurant/Catering (HoReCa ) sector.

The food aficionados are now expecting to prepare and experience plethora of desserts, frozen sweets, jellies, marshmallows, soft candies, etc., at international standards. This is for the first time that an Indian gelatin manufacturing country is offering food-grade gelatin in their own brand for retail market.

Sajiv K. Menon, managing director of Nitta Gelatin India stated- “Over the years, our food consumption has developed with newer foods, deserts and candies presented before us from other nations. Premium quality gelatin is the one ingredient that is utilized into most of these items. Quality of Gelatin governs the excellent texture – melt in mouth feeling and flavour release. Our product personalized for this segment is to serve discerning customers with this need.”

“With the best sensorial profile and performance for dietary necessities, the product is anticipated to be appetizing for food lovers. The gastronomic adventures by most Indians during the pandemic period has only mooted our belief that we have enterprising and looking for customers who desires for international standard, premium gelatin in easy-to-use formats, preferably produced in India,” he further said.

The supreme quality gelatin is, made with Japanese technology as per Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and critical Control Point (HACCP) system under hygiene norms by European Regulation (EC). Sourced from natural sources, the gelatin possesses all essential amino acids except Tryptophan. The company is universally famous for pharmaceutical and food grade gelatin. The low endotoxin gelatin prepared by the firm is also utilized for the manufacturing of Blood Plasma expander, a life-saving product needed in extreme cases of trauma.

The company is espoused by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Limited in partnership with Nitta Gelatin Inc., Japan, The  India operations  is a frontline global producer of Gelatin, Ossein, Di-Calcium Phosphate and Collagen Peptide. Since 2010, it has entered into consumer markets with food supplements under the brand name of ‘Gelixer’. With two plants in Kerala and one each in Gujarat and Maharashtra, our products has now stepped into the markets of over 30 countries.


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