Nilon’s launches variations of packaged spice mixes from the novel range of western blended spices and comes up with Piri-piri, noodles, chowmein, pasta, garlic bread, and pizza masalas.

Western blended spices are evolving at a pace which is almost twice when compared to that of Indian blended spices at 18-20 % and the market is valued at approximately Rs. 1,000 crore. The biggest player in this segment is Maggi’s Masala-e-Magic which has an umami taste profile. Smith & Jones from Capital Foods also delivers Pasta and Peri Peri masala in sachets just like Nilon’s.

These fancy flavours have come from restaurants and have stepped into households in even in small-town markets in states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

Dipak Sanghavi, managing director of Nilon’s states that these sachets coming at a price of Rs. 5, are focussed at catering to the rising appetite of Indians (particularly children) for global cuisines while also making the lives of Indian mothers simpler. The newer generation desires it and hence it becomes a powerful tool in the hands of mothers.”

At present, Nilon sells about 18-20 lakh sachets of pasta masala per month in an interior market such as Bihar, whilw large cities such as Mumbai and Delhi undoubtedly have a higher consumption of western cuisine but they are not the brand’s core markets. Nilon’s has traditionally catered to the remote areas of the country.

Besides its pickles business, the company primarily supplies ingredient products (such as soya chunks, pasta, vermicelli, etc.) and recipes (such as sauces, blended spices, and chutneys). It also offers instant pasta and soup. Pickles alone used to contribute to half of the sales till around 5 years ago. At present, pickles account for about 25% of the company’s business despite growing as a category. The figures are majorly driven by the rise in the demand of recipe products.

Given the high market retention rate, the brand’s most recent ad campaign starring Pankaj Tripathi is targeted at generating more trials and at the same time also assuring the usage of quality ingredients.

However, unlike Maggi and Smith & Jones, Nilon’s has planned to put forth a much varied portfolio of flavours. The mission is to completely own and rule the category of Western Blended Spices. Nilon’s Magical masala directly competes with Nestlé’s Maggi Magic Masala.

The masala pouchs are designed in such a way that they keep the mixes fresh while countering the hygroscopic nature (tendency to absorb moisture) of spices. These will be sold mainly in the traditional retail stores as well as on major e-marketing platforms.


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