Leading indigenous food company Nilon’s is all set to step into the beverage market ruled by Pepsi and Coca Cola with the launch its new product line of fizzy drinks named as “Cheers”.

However, the carbonated beverages sector has got itself a bad fame in recent times because of the high sugar content they have and the low nutritional benefit of the products they offer. This is primarily because of the rising awareness around health and nutrition, and ailments such as obesity and diabetes.

The trend is essentially making both PepsiCo and Coke to reduce the sugar content, truncate portion sizes and unveil sugar-free variants of popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Miranda, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and 7Up.

Now, it is this trend on which Nilon’s is holding its expectation. The “Cheers” portfolio has come up with new flavours like amla, kokum, ginger and jeera, low on sugar and have more real fruit content along with the more common lemon and orange variants. Nilon’s asserts that its drinks, being low on sugar and having more real fruit content, are more salubrious than the existing alternatives.

Having created a tasty health-giving drink, the food brand is seeking the health plank to find space in the Pepsi – Coca Cola market. “Cheers” is being built in compliance with the health proposition, which isn’t too usual in the fizzy beverages segment.

Rajheev Agarwal, director and CEO, Nilon’s states that given the present COVID scenario, the company was working on healthy food ingredients, like amla, jeera, ginger, kokum, etc. We have created fizzy drinks, which have real extracts, unlike other products available in the market. We saw a white space where these products were needed – like, say, in canteens, railways, airlines, etc. We want Cheers to be available as a healthy alternative that people will come back for.”

Notably, health has earlier never been on offer in the fizzy drinks market. Most products here are calibrated for fun and rejoicing for the young, and to be occasionally used to wash down fast food.

Agarwal affirmed that the products will be sold across markets. The brand will mainly cater to a young TG, while also appealing to older consumers.

“This is a time when cold beverages will take a back seat, but innovative beverages that can be consumed in ambient temperature will come forward and find favour,” he averred.

Also, “Cheers” is the first beverage in Nilon’s product portfolio. This implies that the company now has to set up its beverages distribution chain.

Nilon’s has customarily refrained from spending too much on advertising. The company has mostly been promoted by word of mouth, social media, and its sales and distribution infrastructure.

As the brand re-strategizes for new product launches and looks to newer markets, it will probably be modified. “Cheers” will be presented to the consumers via a TC campaign led by actor Pankaj Tripathi. The message will be a blend of health and taste. Nilon’s will now be allocating 6-7% of its turnover to products’ advertising.


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