Nilon’s India has introduced its latest campaign “Nilon’s Ginger and Garlic Paste (GGP) Hai Toh Jahaan Hai” which talks about the pros of the paste over conventional methods of peeling, cutting and chopping garlic and ginger.

For the youth of the nation who are always hustling with work, family and household, there is always some space for hilarity. The company kept this in mind and introduced two likeable characters of kitchen-fiction, ginger and garlic in its drive that targets to underscore their inseparable friendship in the mind of the millennial.

With most people spending time in the tiresome task of cutting, chopping and peeling garlic and ginger, the company saw it as an ideal opportunity to bring into the lives of the modern consumers, the paste which makes their life simpler and weighty through its cold-grinding process, taste, convenience and health. Line-art and witty realistic copies were employed to bring alive the most common ingredients in the day to day cooking schedule of our Indian kitchens.

Rajheev Agrawal, director and CEO, Nilon’s stated- “Nilon’s has always attempted to possess a space in consumers’ kitchen not just physically but also via stories and conversations. Our very own ginger and garlic that are acquainted with people who cook and even the first-time cooks, have won the hearts of people through their humour and style. Our goal is to be friendlier and more approachable with this campaign and acquaint millennials with the advantages of having ginger and garlic paste with it.”

Gone are the days of one activity digital campaign. This two month-long campaign has all the blockbuster ingredients- a marriage, a melodrama of a TV series, a unique love story, couple challenges, filmy dialogues and numerous tongue-in cheek humour. This drive saw a number of amusing and fascinating conversations as comic strips between ginger and garlic, much- loved content creators acing with cookery and drama, a crowd-sourced dialogue-baazi, more comics, and more content creators connecting with the audience with their skills at the kitchen counter.

Gopal S Krishnan, founder and MD, M&C Saatchi February declared- “Characters that have depth to them have always been adored by the audiences. With Nilon’s, our goal has been to seep into the hearts of our patrons with drama and offer them relatable and fresh content that they can enjoy while praising the benefits of our product. With the duo of strong ginger and healthy garlic making everyday kitchen life engrossing, we have made sure that the loveable characters designed by Rajdeep, our Digital Art Lead, are remembered for a long time to come, along with the unmatched benefits of the ginger and garlic paste.”

The company ensured that the self-deprecating ginger and garlic win the internet with their humour and good characteristics of course. The campaign was executed at a time when people were stuck at home, and the ginger and garlic paste comforted all of us with its health benefits and convenience. The campaign was received whole-heartedly by the audience and has already reached the screens of more than 26 million Indians. It’s safe to say that they were delighted the message of #NilonsGGP Hai Toh Jahaan Hai campaign.


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