UnMEAT, the newest 100% plant-based burger, today proclaims the next meat-flavored burger may be more unbelievable than the category’s predecessors. unMEAT launches from Century Pacific Food, Inc., an established global food brand based in the Philippines with a history of successful global products. Unlike its counterparts, this product has two distinct differences—unMEAT believes plant-based burgers should not cost 30-40% more than traditional meat burgers, and consumers should be familiar with the ingredients on the label.


UnMEAT is made with non-GMO plant-based ingredients, with zero cholesterol and trans-fat, while offering a healthy source of protein and fiber. More important, its ingredients include soy protein, vegetable oil, onion, wheat, salt, vinegar, and soy sauce.


The plant-based market is fast-growing, estimated to be valued at $20 billion globally and growing at least 15% annually. Moreover, studies show that nearly 50% of consumers are flexitarians or individuals who increasingly consume plant-based foods, while still eating animal products in moderation.


Flexitarians will be excited to see rising star chef and restauranteur, Nicole Ponseca of New York’s Jeepney, flipping the first burgers in the U.S. Ponseca won the Time Out New York Battle of the Burger and has established her brand as one of America’s more progressive foodies.


“I love that the plant-based category has gone mainstream recently, changing perception and behavior,” explains Nicole Ponseca, Founder and CEO of Jeepney Filipino Gastropub. “We have seen some incredible flavor profiles enter the market and completely disrupt it, and I think unMEAT is only going to further that disruption.”


As more consumers become educated on the benefits of choosing plant-based foods, including environmental, animal welfare, and health benefits, consumers are also more knowledgeable regarding the variety of plant-based options available today. UnMEAT delivers these same benefits, with fewer than ten simple ingredients derived from real food and not synthetic ingredients.


“Century Pacific is a disruptor in the food industry, with a proven track record of delivering products consumers crave,” says Lionel Flutto, President, Asia-Pacific, Symrise Flavor. “There are many products in the plant-based space, but not many carry a clean label, as this is quite challenging to do. Symrise has extensive experience in creating the right taste from natural materials, so we were able to partner with Century Pacific to create the cleaner label of product that consumers desire.”


“Our legacy is rooted in providing quality proteins across a number of food categories, from dairy to plant-based,” notes Gregory Banzon, Chief Operating Officer, Century Pacific Foods, Inc. “This is only the beginning of our commitment to delivering delicious and affordable plant-based options.”


UnMEAT is coming to retailers in 2021.To view images and interviews regarding unMEAT, visit here.


About CNPF


Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF) is one of the Philippines’ largest branded food and beverage companies. It is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of processed marine, milk, and coconut products. With an established track record in brand-building spanning more than 40 years, it has developed a roster of household names which include Century Tuna, 555, Angel, Birch Tree, and Coco Mama. These brands of the Company hold market leading positions locally and are growing their presence abroad. Further, the Company also operates as one of the Philippines’ leading providers of private label tuna and coconut products for export overseas.


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