A proficient and worldly-wise expert from Consumer packaged Goods (CPG) and luxury goods marketing has been designated as the new marketing chief at Kellogg.

Replacing the Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Charisse Ford Hughes will hold the position, in effect from Sept. 21st.  She has previously served as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Pandora Americas, a jewelry brand, for 5 years.  Also, she has earlier worked on various marketing, managerial and executive positions at Sara Lee, Avon and Estée Lauder for several years.

At Kellogg, Charisse would be responsible for planning broad global strategies for the company’s long-established brand name and fame, as well as for Incogmeato, its sub-brand for meat-analogue products run by Morning Star Farms, as revealed by Adweek.


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