To advocate its ‘Madhur Mithaas with 5S guarantee’, Madhur Pure and Hygienic Sugar has launched a new virtual e-campaign as the festive season is around the corner,.

The digital initiatives memorizes customers to immerse in their most-liked festive sweets, but to make this indulgence completely guilt-free by making use only the purest and most hygienic sugar, which provides the distingished 5S guarantee.

The company assures the customers of purity, safety and hygiene, with the gleaming, white sugar crystals being untouched by hand, without adulteration and inculcated with the 5S validation of Safed, Shuddh, Samaan, Surakshit and Sulphur-free.

The initiative is being unveiled across social media and OTT platforms as well as being advertised across display marketing and remarketing channels. The brand desires to communicate its message of indulging in sweets with the purity guarantee to all their patrons throughout several platforms.

The company desired to add a touch of sweet indulgence to the lives of consumers during the festivities. They have introduces a virtual campaign that underscores the significance of buying clean and packaged goods and enjoying your most-loved sweets.

Dr Satbir Sindhu, president marketing and OD of Madhur Sugar stated- “Since a decade, Madhur Sugar has been advocating hygiene-awareness to such an extent that the brand has named itself as Madhur Pure and Hygienic Sugar. While consumers have gradually started purchasing into the quality promise, we have observed several fellow Indians switching from the unclean, impure, adulterated and unhygienic loose sugar to Madhur Sugar. They now see grounds to switch towards quality products by Madhur Sugar which provides the 5S advantages and is prepared without the touch of hand.”

He further said- “Having spent this year in an unusually depressing manner, we at Madhur Sugar desire to make the remaining last 3 months of the year happier and delectable! Therefore, we are putting in efforts to convey all our consumers to enjoy the coming festive season – by immersing in the pure and hygienic home-made treats, and making sure that the purity is maintained by making use of only the supreme quality and reliable ingredients like Madhur Sugar.”

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, founder and MD of BC Web Wise declared- “With digital becoming the new normal, it is very thrilling for us to keep bolstering the brand message towards the consumer journey on digital optimising the RoI through the funnel gripping appropriate digital touchpoints, tools, content, as well as content creators.


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