The European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) has chosen Muriel Lienau, CEO of Nestlé Waters in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA), as its new president for the next 2 years.

Lienau heads both the Nestlé Waters Business in EMENA and the global schematic business segment of Nestlé Waters. She has spent more than 29 years at Nestlé, publicising the quality of natural mineral and spring waters and making sure that hydrographic areas across Europe are safeguarded.

Lienau succeeds Jean-Pierre Deffis, who held this post from 2014 and assisted to institute a programme aimed on sustainability and the foundation of a circular economy, as well as maintaining the quality of natural mineral waters.

Lienau professes that under her stewardship, the EFBW will continue to ‘promote mineral and spring waters as the most natural and healthy source of hydration’, and will target at boosting the sector’s sustainability credentials further.

Lienau stated- “Our category desires to be a guiding force to accomplish a circular economy and sustainable food systems; we want to be the motivation for others.”

She further said- “Supporting Europe’s goal to be carbon neutral and a leader in biodiversity, the natural mineral and spring waters sector has the accountability and commitment to be a leading force. Natural mineral water producers have a great history of source protection to ensure the purity of their waters, naturally adding to a healthy and sustainable ecosystem and biodiversity.

“They are leaders in setting up and financing packaging collection schemes and utilizing completely recyclable packaging materials. As a sector we firmly promote the circular economy. Now we will step up our attempts on collection, including publicising for well-designed Deposit Refund Systems, so that we can utilize more food-grade recycled materials in our packaging”.

EFBW secretary-general Patricia Fosselard informed- “I would like to take this chance to thank our outgoing president, Jean-Pierre Deffis, for his unfaltering dedication to push the sector’s sustainability schemes and plans.

“I am glad to welcome Muriel as our new president and waiting with pleasure to work with her. With an unwavering collaborative action propelled by the EFBW team and the assistance of our national associations, company members and partners, I am very optimistic that we can accomplish our targets.”


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