Nestlé cereals UK, just launched a pre-portioned product in its portfolio targeting the young children and making their breakfast both relishing and tasty.  Nestlé has introduced new product NAT bears, which tries to lure the parents because of its great taste and ready-to-eat feature at simple effort of adding milk to it.

After addition to milk the individually wrapped bear spreads as crumbles and gives you a bowl full of nutrition.  Saving time of parents and availability in chocolate and honey flavour makes it more efficient in serving a bowl to infants quickly and tastily.

Nestlé has claimed that product is completely safe, nutritional and originated only from natural ingredients and no synthetic added colors and flavours are there.

Nestlé bears comes in a packet with renowned green label of Nestlé that means the product has its main constituent as whole grains. Per serve will give 8g of whole grains’s nutrition.

“We know that parents are looking for a cereal that is both tasty and high in fibre for their kids at breakfast time, and we’re confident that our new NAT Bears fits the bill,” said Gharry Eccles, vice president UK and Australia Nestlé Cereals.

“NAT Bears comes as pre-proportioned, individually wrapped bears – you just add one bear to a bowl of milk, and it makes a bowl of tasty cereal.” He added.

“We are passionate about making breakfast better and are pleased to introduce this truly unique product to the market, which makes for a happy breakfast.” pertaining to the speciality of product, Gharry Eccles said.

One can grab NAT bears at 2.89 pounds for six packs, presently supplied from Sainsbury, will be extended to Tesco in November and in Ireland by the end of 2020.


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