A new milestone for Nestle Industries are on the way, this time company is going to produce plant based tuna product to woo the tuna lovers. It will be an all-plant product by the firm where it will use six of the basic plant protein that will meet the demand consisting all essential amino acids of the body.

Nestle announced veg alternative to tuna  marking first initiative to set its foot in plant based seafood alternatives. Will be called as VUNA and is under Garden Gourmet brand in Switzerland and serves as the only market in current scenario.

It will be made by using only six plant based ingredients which will be comprised of nutritious pea proteins. “Made from a combination of only six plant-based ingredients, it is rich in nutritious pea protein, one of the most environmentally friendly sources of plant-based protein,” Nestle said. “It contains all the essential amino acids and is free of artificial colorings or preservatives.”

Nestle marks its journey of nine months in developing the product leveraging the expertise in protein science and proprietary technologies.
Other delicacies that are currently serving the population are alternatives to beef and chicken including burgers,mince, meatballs, sausages, cold cuts, chicken nuggets and chicken fillets.

It was developed at Nestle’s research in Switzerland and its R&D in Germany and U.S will work to bring it in accessible frame in front of the consumers.
Packaging will include the both a chilled product packed in a glass jar and VUNA sandwiches in selected stores as an initial tip-toes   Further roll out of the plan is still awaited.

These plant based tuna alternative can be used extensively in and as salads, sandwiches and pizzas and will be a relishing bite.


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