Nestlé is always known to add new innovations in its portfolio. In a recent addition, Nestlé has launched a plan to replace the previous “Nesquik” with a plant based alternative made up of concoction of peas and oats.

This roll out is followed by the introduction of Nesquik GoodNes in US which was also a blended outcome of peas and oats.

New ready to drink will be rolled out first in Spain, Portugal and Hungary followed by others countries in Europe.

With 100% natural ingredients product will offer lactose free nutrition at a tinge of less added sugar than previous “Nesquik”.

Yasser Abdul Malik, head of dairy products for Europe, Middle East and North Africa at Nestlé, said: “What better way to bring more plant-based products into people’s everyday lives than with much-loved brands like Nesquik. We’re really proud of this new drink – it really hits the spot with that familiar Nesquik cocoa taste.”

This marks expansion of Nestlé’s Dairy alternatives leading to safer consumption by consumers. Nestlé had launched Ninho brand in the January for children in Brazil. Apart from that company offers a range of plant based alternatives spurring out and based upon oats, rice, soy, coconut, almonds and other condensed milk products.

“More and more people are looking for tasty and nutritious plant-based options. That is why we are adding them to our global line-up through some of our most trusted brands such as Nesquik, Milo, and Ninho. There is more to come, so watch this space,” said Mayank Trivedi, head of the dairy strategic business unit at Nestlé.

Nestlé is a company that is bound to cater the demands at its best and owing the same, it launched innovative and research Accelerator centre in Konolfilgen, Switzerland providing opportunities for new innovators in the face of students, elders and experienced people.


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