Nestlé, India has always been pivotal in uplifting the youth and infusing proper skills across the nation.  After series of recent initiatives, Company has brought a new initiative “Entrepreneurship for YOUth ” onto horizon and declared it open.
This new initiative has multipronged objectives aiming primarily on the youth of the country and nailing entrepreneurs inside them.  Initiative “Entrepreneurship for YOUth” is a kiosk based business model that will promote the Entrepreneurial minds in the country. This will be helping all the peeping entrepreneurs to come forward and develop their ideas into businesses.
“Entrepreneurship serves as a backbone to the industrial and economic growth of any country. A considerable portion of our population may well be India’s future entrepreneurs, who are in need of guidance, support and direction, now more than ever.  Through this initiative, we want to encourage the youth of the country to believe in their entrepreneurial dreams. With high emphasis on creating a conducive working environment and a simple financial module, I am certain that this initiative will prove to be a great platform for youth to prove their calibre, start and run their own business successfully, create more job opportunities and be a part of the growing franchise family of One Nestlé.” Suresh Narayan,CMD, Nestlé, India emphasized in a statement.
Company has been following strict food safety measures and other COVID-19 induced SOPs in the new kiosk model of business to provide a safer food experience in “out of home” ambience.  In pursuit of outreaching customers this kiosk model has been proved beneficial to the company.  Company has put these outlets under several franchise of Nescafe, Maggi, KitKat, a+ brands and are called Nescafe Corner, Maggi Hotspot, KitKat Break Zone and a+ milk booth etc.
Previously, Nestlé also launched initiatives like “Nesternship” and “Deshkliye 2 minute” aiming skill development at the heart.


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