Nestlé India launched their year-long campaign “MAGGI Desh Ke Liye 2 Minute – Ek Chhoti Si Koshish” on the eve of Independence Day addressing the requirements of the homemaker communities at the time of crisis due to pandemic. Following their year-long campaign, Maggi has encouraged several first-time cooks to step into the kitchen and with Maggi Masala-ae-magic which resulted in millions of homemakers are sreving delicious food every day. The campaign aiding home cooking has the potential not to just provide nutritious food for the family but also brings in a model of revenue generation for the homemakers’ family. Moving ahead keeping the campaign intact, MAGGI Desh ke liye 2-minute campaign in collaboration with India Food Network has announced an initiative that projects to empower women from all across the country, with guidance, skills and training to become successful food entrepreneurs.

The new program will include four primary phases and will support two categories of home-chefs: those who wish to start food delivery businesses from their home-kitchens, and those who aspire to launch a food channel online.

While Commenting on the launch of this program, Mr. Nikhil Chand, Director – Foods & Confectionery, Nestlé India said, “The unprecedented turn of events witnessed this year may have impacted economies and businesses gravely. However, we at Nestlé firmly believe that irrespective of the situation, the spirit of the people of India is hard to dampen, especially those with entrepreneurial dreams. This program is an ode from us at Nestlé India to those who did not let the lockdown affect their ambitions, rather only fueled it. Through this initiative, in partnership with India Food Network and many other industry experts, we will support the dreams of 10,000 home chefs and assist their entrepreneurial journey.”

Running in four different phases, the initiative is entitled to teach women to venture successfully into the food business:

Phase 1 would invite 10,000 entries and each participant would get access to exclusive ‘step-by-step guides’ on how to launch a successful food business.  Phase 2 would involve shortlisting 250 participants who would undergo a month-long online mentorship and training program with industry stalwarts like Chef Ajay Chopra, Kabita Singh of the Kabita’s Kitchen fame, along with many others. In this phase, they will also get a chance to showcase their recipes on www.Maggi.inIn phase 3, 20 selected participants will get the opportunity to present their business ideas to an extended panel of judges from the food and media industry. The final phase will see the announcement of 10 winners, who will be supported by Nestlé India and India Food Network to launch their business. The winners will not only get assistance in the form of capital funding but also help in brand development, home kitchen/studio set up, and will also be given recipe development partnership contracts with MAGGI.


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