To attain vertex in sustainable products portfolio, Nestlé has launched new R&D programme to curate new dairy products and plant based alternatives.

New Accelerator facility will be put up in Konolfilgen, Switzerland. This facility will be one of the launch pads of new innovations including students and other researchers. Facility looks forward for new products by employing Nestlé’s well-to-do dairy techniques and plant based food production capabilities.

All the field workers and internals will boggle brains to leverage Nestlé’s expertise to give consumers an enjoyable product, from scratch to selling desk within six months. Innovators can acquire fully equipped test kitchens and Co-working space from the company.

This new R&D facility is company’s largest facility for dairy and Plant based products. Further, company plans to infuse new infant food products in the market seeking concepts from the same.

“Our goal is to provide start-ups, students and Nestlé scientists with key resources to quickly explore new ideas through a six-month test and learn approach,” said Thomas Hauser, head of global product and technology development at Nestlé.

He added: “By tapping into our expertise in food science, food safety, regulatory, manufacturing processes, and packaging, they can rapidly upscale and test new products in real market conditions.”

This year, Nestlé has unveiled a series of plant-based dairy alternatives such as a vegan condensed milk under its Carnation brand and a plant-based version of its signature Milo malt beverage powder.

“Innovation in milk products and plant-based dairy alternatives is core to Nestlé’s portfolio strategy, as well as our sustainability agenda. As a company, we have set ambitious climate goals. This is part of our promise to develop products that are good for you and good for the planet,” said Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestlé.


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