Nestle, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, has identified India as one of the fastest-growing markets for Nescafe, their renowned coffee brand. With its vast population and burgeoning coffee culture, India presents a prime opportunity for Nestle to expand its presence and tap into the country’s love for coffee.

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Nestle’s commitment to quality and their ability to adapt to local tastes positions them well to capitalize on the tremendous growth potential that India’s coffee market holds

According to a senior Nestle official, India is experiencing rapid growth as one of the prime markets for Nescafe, providing a significant opportunity for innovation and premiumisation.

During his visit to India, Philipp Navratil, the Head of Nestle’s Coffee Strategic Business Unit, expressed his optimism regarding the emerging coffee culture in the country, spurred by the establishment of numerous coffee shops. Navratil highlighted the company’s enthusiasm for these developments, indicating that they provide a positive outlook for Nestle’s presence in India.

“India is one of the fastest growing markets for Nescafe and offers a huge opportunity for penetration-led growth, both through in-home and out-of-home consumption,” Philipp Navratil said in a statement issued by the company.

According to Philipp Navratil, Nescafe has achieved a notable household penetration of 46 million, a significant figure indicating its widespread adoption in India.

He further emphasized the immense potential to expand Nescafe globally, with a particular focus on enhancing affordability for consumers.

“We believe Nescafe is perfectly positioned to introduce the world to coffee — we are more accessible in terms of price per cup. It is also high quality. We also produce all types and different types of coffee, which is important because consumption is getting more sophisticated,” Navratil said.

With the evolving cafe culture, consumers are increasingly interested in understanding the origins of their coffee and the brewing methods employed.

“India also offers a huge opportunity in terms of innovation and premiumisation,” he said.

Although India remains predominantly a tea-centric market for refreshments, the attractive pricing of Rs 2 and 10 has contributed to the widespread popularity of Nestle coffee in non-metro and semi-urban areas.

In India, Nestle markets and sells coffee, sourcing the beans locally from Indian farmers., Navratil said.

The Nescafe plan was introduced in India in 2012, and over the past decade, Nestle India has collaborated with 3,500 coffee farmers from three states in the country to source high-quality coffee.


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