Nestle has always proved its mettle by foraying in novel areas, untouched by majority and does the job and offering exemplary service in peculiar manner.

With ratcheting up of demand among consumers for advanced meat, starkly different from traditional flesh yet nutritive and palatable, Nestle is also looking for all alternatives at minimum invasion to the zoology of the Earth.

Scientists at Nestle Research in Lausanne are working with Future Meat Technologies, a leading cultured-meat start-up, to explore the potential of cultured-meat components that do not compromise on taste or sustainability. Future Meat Technologies’ novel and cost-efficient proprietary technology can produce non-GMO cultured-meat components from animal cells, therefore reducing the need for land and resources to raise animals.

Reinhard Behringer, Head of the Nestlé Institute of Material Sciences at Nestlé Research says: “For many years we have been investing in our protein expertise and the development of proprietary technologies for plant-based meat alternatives, allowing us to continuously expand our wide range of tasty and nutritious products with a lower environmental impact. To complement these efforts, we’re also exploring technologies that could lead to animal-friendly alternatives that are nutritious, sustainable, and close to meat in terms of taste, flavor, and texture. We are excited to understand their potential.”

This technology of raising meat using single cell is a major field where several firms are hitting at to carve the best way raising meat without need of any sort of land and resources. Firms generally take over single cell and raise them in balanced media giving rise to non-GMO based meat. This process requires proper framework, regulations at different levels of manufacturing, processing and packaging along with damage control. It is new field of research, if company succeeds in creating the meat chunk which would be cost effective, it would revolutionise the food industry completely.


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