New lifestyle app offers expert coaching, customized plans and motivational content to help you achieve your goals

Nestlé has teamed with with/n™, a new customized lifestyle app that helps you take control of your health and achieve personal wellness goals with motivational content, live coaching and custom nutrition plans. with/n™ delivers daily tips and other education to help users navigate the changing definitions of wellness.

“No two bodies are the same, so why follow the same plan?” said Amy Thompson, Holistic Wellbeing Lead at Nestlé’s Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost. “The with/n™ app gives personalized recommendations based on your goals – custom nutrition plans, live coaching, and all the motivation you need to form lifelong habits.”

Using proprietary technology, the app adapts to the rhythm of your lifestyle to provide specific daily recommendations and feedback to ensure a fully customized experience. with/n™ purposefully fuels your mind and body to help support your immune system, improve hydration, movement and sleep. Registered dietitians, nutritionists and health coaches are also available to provide always-on support leading to more mindful decisions.

The scalable platform, which features robust nutrition plans and health and wellness features, will elevate your relationship with food to help maintain healthy weight and support responsible dietary choices. Logging meals is as easy as snapping a photo of your plate, and with/n™ can recommend meals wherever you are.

Whether eating at home or on the go, the app provides specific, personalized guidance and meal recommendations. This includes food at local restaurants as well as a variety of ready-made meals from brands like LEAN CUISINE® that you can trust to help you stay on track.

LEAN CUISINE® is a brand that is constantly evolving and innovating to deliver great tasting, reliable versions of your favorite recipes. Collaborating with with/n™ is another great opportunity to support people trying to realize their version of wellness.

“There is such natural connection between the with/n™ app and LEAN CUISINE®,” said Kate Schultz, MBA, MS, RD, Senior Dietiatian at Nestlé. “Both are committed to wellness by fueling you with the motivation and support to be the best version of you.”

Getting started on with/n™ is simple and the user interface is sleek, modern and intuitive. Once you set achievable goals for your best life, it’s easy to establish and follow healthy habits through nutritional guidance anytime, anywhere.

The new with/n™ app will be available for free download on iOS in August 2020, with an Android version planned for the fall. For more information, please visit to sign up for an invitation.


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