Nestlé Professional and Dawn Foods have joined hands to set up a long-haul co-branding cooperation in sweet bakery in the EMENA (Europe, Middle East & North Africa) region.

The two companies will create a range of sweet bakery products, starting with muffins and cookies.  Dawn Foods will come up with various unique recipes and a range of premium-quality bakery products making use of Nestlé’s ingredients.

Vincent de Clippele, Head of Nestlé Professional EMENA said- “We are pleasant about this collaboration with Dawn Foods, which will enable us to bring newly discovered innovative experiences with our confectionery firm to our consumers.

He further informed- “We chose Dawn Foods as our EMENA partner because of their high quality bakery products, their potential to convey our brands’ experiences to the customers, and their foremost position in the sweet bakery industry.”

The first product to be released by the two partnered companies will be a muffin created from KitKat ingredients, filled with milk chocolate and finished with a KitKat topping.

Steven Verweij, President of Europe & AMEAP, Dawn Foods, while talking about the new product said- “The muffin made with KitKat is the outcome of Dawn Foods’ market influence in American pastry and the robustness of Nestlé’s confectionary brands, which imparts a unique taste experience to the KitKat product.”

“Dawn Foods and Nestlé Professional have made consensus on an incessant commitment to co-design new bakery delicacies that carry the essence of the brand by combining state of the art bakery mixes with the best branded ingredients,” he further continued.

The co-designed products will be availed to bakery channels, quick service restaurants and other locations throughout the EMENA regions.


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