Leading innovator in industrial printing solutions, Needham Ink Technologies is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking and new range of MEK-Free Continuous Inkjet inks. This exciting development marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to sustainability, safety and performance excellence in the industrial printing industry.

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The MEK-Free CIJ ink range from Needham Ink Technologies is designed to meet the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly and safer printing solutions. It is a testament to the company’s dedication to reducing environmental impact and providing its customers with products that align with modern sustainability goals.

Key features and benefits of Needham Ink Technologies’ MEK-Free CIJ ink range include:

MEK-Free Formulation: These inks do not contain Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), a volatile organic compound (VOC) that can have harmful environmental and health effects. Eliminating MEK enhances workplace safety and reduces emissions.

Outstanding Print Quality: Despite being MEK-Free, the inks maintain excellent print quality, ensuring crisp, clear codes and markings on various substrates, including plastics, metals and paper.

Wide Application Range: Needham Ink Technologies’ MEK-Free CIJ inks are suitable for various industrial printing applications, including food packaging, beverage labelling, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Sustainability and Compliance: These inks align with the company’s commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance, meeting industry standards for safety and environmental responsibility.

Stephen Holmes, General Manager of Needham Ink Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for this new product range by stating – “Our MEK-Free CIJ ink range is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We believe this product will provide our customers with a safer and more environmentally responsible choice for their industrial printing needs, without compromising on quality.”

Needham Ink Technologies’ MEK-Free CIJ ink range is now available for order and the company is ready to work closely with customers to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique printing requirements.


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