NatureSweet, the number one tomato brand in tomatoes and a prominent producer of greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables, has achieved the prestigious B Corporation™ Certification (B Corp™), thereby becoming the largest company specializing in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) worldwide to receive this recognition.

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NatureSweet has earned this notable distinction through over three decades of positively impacting the lives of agricultural workers in North America. The company firmly believes that conducting business with integrity and prioritizing the fair treatment of individuals is not only compatible but also essential for achieving success. Motivated by this conviction, NatureSweet pursued B Corp certification to encourage the $80 billion fresh produce industry to prioritize the well-being of workers and their communities as a fundamental element for sustainable growth.

“For more than three decades, NatureSweet has revolutionized the fresh produce industry with the best tasting and highest quality products,” says Rodolfo Spielmann, President and CEO of NatureSweet. “Our success comes directly from having the most committed and experienced workers growing and packing our produce. We created a model in which every Associate has the opportunity to earn a better income based on his or her individual effort, while also providing education, psychological support, and healthcare services. We are the largest CEA company that is Fair Trade Certified, Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) Certified, and now B Corp Certified. I am incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished and look forward to strengthening our efforts. We hope our impact goes beyond NatureSweet and serves as a roadmap for the industry.”

With a remarkable certification score of 114 points, surpassing the minimum requirement by 34 points, NatureSweet demonstrates the effectiveness of its business model. The outstanding quality of its cultivated fruits and vegetables, coupled with an impressively low turnover rate of less than one percent, serves as tangible evidence of its success within the agricultural sector. To attain B Corp Certification, NatureSweet met rigorous benchmarks across multiple categories, including Workers, Community, Customers, Environment, and Governance.


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