Canadian Brand Nature’s Path Organic Foods, which is also a leader in the cereal and snack food segment, is excited to announce that it has recently acquired Canadian organic baby food and children’s snack brand, Love Child Organics. With this acquisition, Nature’s Path Organic Foods reinforces its commitment to make organic food highly accessible for its consumers and their families. Further, with this acquisition, the company is strategically placed in the flourishing baby food market, which is currently valued at $ 499 million in Canada and $8.5 billion in the US. The deal is scheduled to be closed on or about June 30, 2023.

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“Love Child Organics’ dedication to producing premium, nutrient-packed, organic meals and snacks that bring a smile on every child’s face aligns seamlessly with our own commitment to delicious, organic and sustainable food,” stated Arjan Stephens, President of Nature’s Path Organic Foods. “The brand carries a warmth and commitment to quality that we hold dear at Nature’s Path Organic Foods, making it a perfect addition to our family of brands. We are eager to carry forward the Love Child Organics brand promise of nourishing growing bodies, hearts and minds.”

Love Child Organics, which is primarily a Canadian-focused brand, has been able to win the hearts of several families in the domestic market. With this acquisition, Nature’s Path  has brought Love Child Organics into its family. The foods and snacks that consumers of Love Child Organics cherish is set to continue to grace store shelves. Further, there would be opportunities to undertake expansion in the US market, apart from exploring the possibility of new product innovations for the Love Child Organics brand.

“We are thrilled for the Love Child Organics brand to join the Nature’s Path family,” states Brittany Compton, President at Love Child Organics. “Nature’s Path has played an integral role in shaping the organic industry as they delivered on their mission of providing sustainably sourced, nutritious, organic food to families. This is a wonderful opportunity for Love Child Organics to reach its full potential and amplify its reach ensuring more children have access to nutrient-rich food. We are truly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the impact this union will have on the wellbeing of our children.”

A dedicated project team, which would include members of Love Child Organics would be set up to ensure a smooth integration process. Nature’s Path Organic Foods is expected to continue the high quality of production of Love Child Organics’ products. The process of transition as well as transfer of complete ownership to Nature’s Path is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2023.

“Love Child Organics is more than a brand, it’s a promise to our future – our children,” added Jyoti Stephens, Vice President, Mission and Strategy at Nature’s Path Organic Foods. “By bringing Love Child Organics into our Nature’s Path family, we are reaching more families, nourishing more young minds and bodies with organic, wholesome food, and in doing so, moving closer to our dream of a healthier, happier world.


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