Nature’s Basket has come up with the launch of its new and independent category comprising of plant-based meat products. This category intends to cater to the changing lifestyle as well as for the purpose of fulfilling the growing needs for such products by the new-age consumers. Nature’s Basket has teamed up with Blue Tribe Foods under the aforementioned category.

Nature’s Basket has been a front runner in being able to understand the behavioural pattern as well as cater to the continuously evolving needs of the consumers. The objective behind introducing the plant-based category of products by the brand is to walk hand in hand with the consumers.

Blue TribeEver since the launch of its plant-based products being Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Keema, it has become one of the favourite foods among the non-vegetarian food lovers who are interested to commit themselves to a greener lifestyle, while at the same time not having to compromise on the taste, texture or quality of those traditional meat products. Taking advantage of the opportunity in this space, Nature’s Basket is sooner expected to launch more plant-based products in this category.

Devendra Chawla, the CEO of Nature’s Basket and Spencer’s Retail mentioned -“We firmly believe in adapting and evolving with the changing consumer landscape and with the introduction of the plant based meat product category, we are doing exactly that. In the last few years, conscious consumerism has gradually picked pace. More and more products, brands, and new-age startups have started offering varieties with sustainability and eco-friendly factors as the center-stage.”

He further added – “Through the plant-based meat category at Nature’s Basket, we plan to assist the rapidly changing lifestyle of consumers. We’ve partnered with Blue Tribe’s plant-based products to do this effectively and it is already garnering impressive traction in Nature’s Basket stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata. We will be adding a few more varieties under this category soon.”

The Co-Founder of Blue Tribe Foods, Sandeep Singh stated – We are thrilled to partner with Nature’s Basket who share our vision to offer an adequate alternative to consumers looking for ecologically sound food items instead of over-meat consumption. It is a known fact that over consumption of animal-based products are a major contributor to the deteriorating environment conditions. We, at Blue Tribe, don’t expect people to completely leave meat consumption or eat only vegetables, but in fact choose equally tasty, nutritious and greener plant-based meat products like our Plant Based Chicken Nuggets and Plant Based Chicken Keema.”

He further added – “Since the last few years, health-conscious people and those concerned about environmental issues have started opting for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Many customers purchase plant-based dairy or organically grown fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes, forgetting about that mouth-watering Butter Chicken or Mutton Chops is challenging. This is where our products are proving revolutionary. With Blue Tribe’s products made with pea and soy protein and Vitamin B12, consumers will get the same texture, taste, and nutritional benefits as in traditional meat products.”


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