To cater the rising demand for premium baked goods in the nation, NatureFresh Professional, the leading suppliers of bakery shortenings and kinds of margarine in India have introduced a fine-quality puff baking fat called Classic Gold. The new offering is the outcome of elaborative research and enhanced formulation by Cargill’s research and development team, along with cross functional teams – marketing and sales -to make sure a superior formulation and improved customer experience. The premium fat is best-suited for baked items such as premium kharis, cream rolls, puff pastries and assists the bakers to achieve the optimal sensorial experience including texture, taste, shine and colour.

Diversifying its product portfolio of top-notch shortenings and margarine for the bakery segment, the product will be launched with the surging demands of the premium bakery segment top of mind and will be targeted towards fulfilling those needs. Apart from being rich in quality, the product also ensures a clean mouthfeel and offers the desired golden colour to food and baked goods along with a glossy finish that can bestow a long-lasting experience to consumers. It has been introduced in pan-India market in a 15 kg pack size format.

Commenting upon the launch, Piyush Patnaik, managing director of Cargill’s oil business in India declared- “NatureFresh Professional is a core brand within Cargill’s consumer food ingredients portfolio, catering to both B2B customers and end-consumers. Deep engagement with customers as well as the baking community in India, has helped us understand their taste preferences better and innovate products that meet their needs. It is not only a one-stop solution for our bakery customers, but it also provides unique formulation and versatile qualities that helps ensure a product with uniform layers and elegant mouth texture which is bound to be appreciated by professionals as well as customers.”

The product offers a holistic range of fats and margarines with diverse applications for different bakery products. In addition to this, the brand also offers technical assistance to bakers in the field of latest baking applications. Understanding the complexity of the industry and the necessity for product innovation; it undertakes a number of initiatives to aid the baker community by addressing their queries and assisting them in enhancing their skills with the help of workshops and technical sessions.


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