LT Foods Limited stated the acquisition of 30% share in via its fellow subsidiary Nature Bio Foods BV (NBF B.V.), with an option to acquire 21% more stake at the end of 5 years.

The company has instituted itself as an accountable and reliable organic product and ingredient distributor worldwide. The company has been supplying genuine organic products through its comprehensive, consolidated and sustainable business model that motivates, advocates and assists thousands of organic farmers. The acquisition of a stake is in accordance with long haul growth stratagem of the company.

It is a Netherlands based organic specialty food firm with a basket containing breakfast bars, nutritious snacks, baking range and gluten free, low sugar products that foster an active and salubrious lifestyle. In addition, it is diversifying its product portfolio and investing into organic wholegrains category like oats and flax seeds. Its products can be purchased from both retail as well as online stores.

AndersInvest, a privately-owned equity investor, and Did-It, a Company that has colossal experience in global trading of organic products, have also acquired a stake in the firm.

Talking about on the stake sale, Leo Voorwinden, director,, declared- “From a strategic approach, it is crucial that we set up short supply chains. Teaming up with NBF BV, a subsidiary of LT Foods will permit us to gather our raw materials straight from organic farmers in India. Did-It provides a wealth of experience in pan-world trading of organic products. Apart from this, AndersInvest grants us the chance to evolve and install a future organic platform with the help of acquisitions.”

Commenting on the event, chairman and managing director of LT Foods Limited,Vijay Kumar Arora, informed- “Strategically, this acquisition offers NBF B.V. a reach to the consumers directly through the mainstream distribution strength of Leev. At present, NBF handles the farm to the doors of EU industries and brands and now would be operating the full chain from farm to fork. will now have possession of 100% organic products grown by Nature Bio Foods Limited’s network of about 60,000+ organic farmers, grown in over 80,000 hectares of validated organic land in our nation. Now consumers of Netherlands will enjoy finest organic Ingredients from India with local distribution in Netherlands. This will also advocate the stake of India’s organic in EU.”

The company has already established distribution subsidiaries in USA and Europe. The company is also a favoured ingredient distributor to retail giants like Carrefour, Walmart, and numerous more. As consumers across the world drift towards food choices that are safe, eco- friendly and health-giving, the company is enthusiastically looking forward to broaden its branded organic ingredient and super food product arrays in Europe.


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