One of the leading organic food producers Nature Bio Foods BV (NBF BV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature Bio Foods (NBF) India and LT Foods announced the inauguration of its ultra-modern organic food processing plant at Maasvlakte settled near Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The new state-of-the-art integrated organic ingredients processing facility of Nature Bio Foods is another progressive step in the company’s endeavour to supply organic food ingredients to customers via a sustainable supply chain.

Nature Bio Foods BV deals with a wide array of premium-quality organic food ingredients, which are directly gathered from sustainable organic farms of India, Africa, and other Asian countries. Nature Bio Foods, in the past few years, has installed its distribution channels in the US and Europe to strengthening its business model and other existing networks across geographies.

Bolstering its establishments further, Nature Bio Foods has now established food processing capabilities in EU which would enable it to directly reach its customers and brands.

Nature Bio Foods is a pioneer in the organic food business in India & is widely acclaimed globally for its long years of extraordinary performances, quality products and credibility. NBF has come a long way to present itself as the major organic brand in India. Our success comes from our dedicated participation in all organic operation, farm production, manufacturing, packaging and marketing. Nature Bio Foods created a business model depending upon a sustainable business concept of integrated prosperity, amalgamating social, product and economic values. In a nut-shell, brand’s motto is to ‘make the best possible organic products in the nicest possible way’. Our model is a testimony of how partnerships among different business and development actors can increase transparency in trading relationships, & generated efficiencies that have assisted farmers in increasing their eanings.

Since its inception in 1997, the brand’s mission has been to deliver “Pure & Healthy” quality products to the consumers across the world by following eco-friendly production techniques and making use agri-ingredients that secures the Socio-Economic development of all those who are involved.


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