Naturals Ice Cream introduced the Tilgul flavour just ahead of Makar Sankranti festival, which is considered to be an important festival celebrated in Maharashtra. Makar Sankranti festival seems incomplete without exchanging the Tilgul (sesame-jaggery) sweets while mouthing the phrase, ‘Tilgul ghya aani god god bola’. Adding a delectable element to the festivity, Naturals Ice Cream has made available its exclusive seasonal Ice Cream in Tilgul flavour just ahead of the festival of kites.

Being the latest flavour, it actually packs the good-old Tilgul made from jaggery & sesame seeds in the form of an Ice-Cream, while at the same time also being able to not compromise on the flavours that are synonymous with the festival. What makes the flavour popular, however, is not its quirkiness alone. The Ice Cream is made using ingredients such as milk, sugar, peanut, cashew, sesame seeds, jaggery and cardamom powder and these actually add the required crunch associated with the sweet.

The product is expected to be made available in variants such as single and double scoop, including family pack at all outlets and aggregator platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato and Thrive.

Siddhant Kamath, Director, Naturals Ice Cream, stated – “Consumers prefer something new and exclusive, especially when we talk about a segment like Ice Cream. The core strength of Naturals Ice Cream lies in its spirit of innovation. When conceptualizing new products, we consider key trends and look at what consumers want in their treats, thus ensuring to create never-heard-and-tasted-before flavours that our customers will love.”

Further, he added – “We are always looking forward to developing frozen treats that will bring joy to Ice Cream lovers. Our seasonal Tilgul Ice Cream is only a handful among the vast range of exotic flavours that we have in our portfolio. The Ice Cream comes with bits of the jaggery to complete the experience and a correct consistency makes the Ice Cream taste like the Tilgul. It gives us immense pleasure to launch such a diverse range of new creations right in time for the festive season.”


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