The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has hosted the 2nd Edition of the National Nutrition Conclave emphasizing on serious difficulties and emanating opportunities that will reinforce the ecosystem of nutrition considering the pandemic.

During the Conclave, the leaders of the food industry informed about the latest innovations and advancements in the field of Nutrition.

Vinita Bali, chairperson, CII National Committee on Nutrition commented- “We should unravel the term ‘nutrition’ for the consumers as it will aid them to realize what to do and what to eat. If the technology and ingredients companies jointly deal with the issue of nutrition in a productive manner then it will surely take this journey towards more salubrious options.” at National Nutrition Conclave.

She also said- “The private sector is now engaged in creating nutrition center stage. Following the same strategy while building their brands, they will generate win-win situation for the whole supply chain and hence will reap benefits to their businesses.”

Speaking about the challenges, Anuj Kumar Rustagi, COO – ITC Limited, Foods Division, Chocolates, Confectionery; Coffee and New Business stated- “There are hurdles like hygiene and consciousness regarding nutrition. Keeping in mind a staple of about 800 million people, food fortification is necessary. We have iodine in India, via mass fortification FSSAI is attempting to enable it but the competition plays a vital role here. India has always aimed on macro-nutrients but was ignorant towards micro-nutrients such as iodine, etc.”

He further declared- “Our novelties are being regulated by two theories, one out of those is triple bottom line which is beneficial for the people as well for the planet and is profitable too. To offer the best quality products, we need to set up top-notch Indian brands. During the recent times, we created 70+ innovations in FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) over a span of just 6 months.”

Talking about the innovation and nutrition points, Raj Sahetiya, head – HNH, South Asia, DSM, asserted- “As a science based firm, we are aimed on innovation-led solutions. We have attempted a lot to understand the consumers’ needs. The formulation, research and development, and ingredients have a crucial role herein. We are targetting on designing of customized nutrition platforms, we also feel that mass food-fortification is the most efficacious solution to nutritional challenges in our country. We regularly assess our product before delivering it to the customers.”

Sharing his thoughts on the drive, Sonjai Uppal, director – research and innovation, Danone India, R&I Lead India and South East Asia – Healthy Ageing Platform informed- “We are aiming on creation of better and improves products to provide more nutritious dietary products. 90% of our portfolio is advocating consciousness regarding nutrition. We are sticking to the norms set up by the FSSAI and it is made sure that our products are harmless for the consumers. The consumer should be delivered enough healthier and balanced food choices.”

Shailesh Gupta, COO/ co-founder, Fitterfly declared- “According to our survey conducted on 5,000 patients in a month, we had 1:1 interaction with the patients. People primarily believe that they can acquire nutritional knowledge from their family only. Indians have a low level of nutritional understanding. 90% of citizens suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. There is only a little awareness regarding micronutrients. However, some of the micronutrients are vital for boosting growth and immunity in humans.”

“UN has categorized food into 16 classes. A human should eat 10 out of these 16 classes daily to fulfil the nutritional needs of their body. We have conducted surveys on what individuals consume in a day and that whether they have extra or limited amount of micro-nutrients in their body allowing them to focus on their nutritional status. According to the google analytics, about 70% of people are looking for healthier dietary choices to be specific,” Mr. Gupta added.


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